5. Std. VI - X - PA-1 Exam

Posted on 17-06-2021 at 09:30

5. Std. VI - X - PA-1 Exam



Std. VI to X
Ref: Sch/Academics/5/2021-22                                                                              17th June, 2021

Exam Notice PA I (Progressive Analysis I)

Dear Parents,

The Progressive Analysis I for Std.VI to Std. X will be conducted from 21st June to 3rd July,2021.

Some points to be followed for the smooth functioning of the process are as follows:

  1. It will be a 25 marks examination consisting of subjective and objective questions.
  2. Ensure that the student enters the class well in time as the duration of the exam will be 45min. to 1 hr. depending on the subjects.
  3. The Chrome browser should be the default browser on the student’s PC / Laptop / mobile.
  4. The student should be aware of a working / actual e-mail ID which he/she will need to fill in, before writing the exams with other details. (This so, as we have found few children filling in mail id’s that are not theirs’)
  5. At times, the students may encounter some questions asked by the software platform - to verify that he/she is not a robot - the students should follow the instructions for verification.
  6. Make sure that the student is sitting for the exam without the book/notebook. In case of Math/Physics paper, the student will have to do the rough work on the answer script for the teacher to see the working of the sum / numerical.
  7. If the student is logged out of the session, the student should re-login and continue with the test.
  8. Ensure that the student’s video is switched on while writing the exam. It is advisable for parents not to sit anywhere close to the child while the exam is being conducted.
  9. Ensure that the student writes the exam in all fairness and does not refer to any supporting material.
  10. If by any chance, the assessment doesn’t open for the child, keep your inbox open as a backup so that the teacher can email the link.
  11. Student should check back with the teacher after submission of the answer script, whether the teacher has received the answer script submitted by the student.
  12. The students will write either on A4 size paper or any paper with following dimensions 30cm*20cm.
  13. After the exam time is over, the student is supposed to take screenshots of the answer scripts and attach the same in .PDF format to the Question paper and submit.
  14. The relevant answer script should only be submitted. No revaluation will be done for the wrong answer script submitted.
  15. Students should mention the details on the answer script i.e.name, class, section, Roll number, name of the exam and date.
  16. The digital devices should be charged in advance.
  17. Regular classes will be conducted after the PA I examinations.
  18. Kindly note re-exam will not be conducted.

Headmistress                                                                                                                                      Principal

(Secondary Section)