• Mission Statement
  • The Pawar Public School (PPS), Pune is the second school of the trust with admissions for the academic year 2008-2009, commenced in March 2008.

    The school has been set up with the vision of providing the best educational facilities to its students. The students will be provided with an inter-disciplinary education, by exposing them to extra curricular and vocational courses. A sense of social responsibility is developed, thereby making every student of PPS, a role-model for society.

    The aim of PPS is to enhance individual growth so as to form a part of the world community. We believe this is possible as PPS offers innovative education tools and inspires the minds of the pupils to think creatively within the established frame work. It also promotes an all round physical development of the student by active participation in sports and extra curricular activities.

    By having students from diverse backgrounds, PPS is uniquely positioned to integrate cultural diversity in the school, so that the students share the uniqueness of our culture.

    Mrs. Supriya Sule
    Managing Trustee

  • Our Vision
  • At Pawar Public School our dream was simple and short to provide quality education with the best facilities and educational practices to our students.

    The dream was to create an institution wherein differences in caste, creed,class and religion were non-existent, and where each and every student and teacher were part of one united happy family.The dream was for our school to be a pillar in society where students would be instilled with the best education possible, and where students would be rid of bigotry,hatred and violence.

    We dreamt of a school where ideal citzens would graduate, with the best practices in education and values imbibed in them.When we started working on the school we did so with a desire to make this dream come true. We have dreamt, and have taken our first step towards realising this dream. We have been able to provide a learning environment with the best facilities available, and with a staff that is well entrenched in offering the best education possible, we are certain we will be able to make this dream come true in totality.

    By providing extra curricular activities, we hope another part of the puzzle evovles, by offering our students a plethora of avenues other than teaching that will help develop their skills,creativity and thought processes , in short contribute to "the content of their character".Our aim is to ensure our students are able to "face the difficulties of today and tomorrow", tackle the same and come out winners.

    Mrs. Supriya & Mr. Sadanand Sule