41. Holiday Assignment

Posted on 30-03-2020 at 00:00

Hadapsar, Pune 


Holiday Assignment 

Preprimary, Std. I to Std. X 

Ref: Sch/Academics/41/2019-20                                                                                                                                     30th March, 2020

Dear Parents,

We are all aware, that due to the COVID-19(Corona Virus) Pandemic, the school will have to remain closed for an indefinite period. To keep the students engaged and in touch with academics, the faculty of the school has prepared home assignments on a few topics as mentioned in the curriculum from Nursery to grade 10. This will enhance their reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Holiday Assignment: From Nursery to Std X: The topics chosen are mainly based on the concepts which they know or are easy to understand.

Std IX and X: Project assignments: The project topics have been uploaded for grade 9 and 10 according to the ICSE curriculum. Guidelines for the same have been provided for the easy execution of the projects. All the project assignments will be assessed after the school reopens.

How to proceed:

*** Your child has passed already and has been promoted to the next grade. Hence you will refer the new grade for assignments.

***The worksheets are uploaded on the website after you log in as a parent. Under the ‘tab’:

Practice Worksheets Year 2020-21 Std. (NEW) Subjects: English, Hindi, Math, etc.→ Holiday Assignment.

***Ask your children to write only the answers.

For Secondary students: Write on the perforated sheets.

For Primary students: Write in the subject notebooks. Mathematics Notebook for the Primary is 200 pages, others are 100 pages. You may print the worksheets for your reference.

*** Help your children to do the assignment.

The Holiday Assignments have to be submitted by the 1st week of the school reopening.

Other than academics, we would request you to take this opportunity to engage your children with varied other activities to enhance their life skills like reading books, helping in household chores, cooking, expressing through writing stories, poems and drawing. Encourage them to pursue indoor hobbies of their interest. Finally, this is an appropriate time to stay together as a family which will help you strengthen the bond between you and your child.

The school will keep you posted of the further learning procedures in case the commencement of the session is further delayed.

We would like our students to take special care of themselves at this time and urge them to stay home and stay safe.

Thank you.