29. New Nursery 2020-2021

Posted on 27-02-2020 at 00:00

29. New Nursery 2020-2021

Notice for Parents


26th February, 2020

New Nursery

Ref:  Sch/Academics/29/2019-20                                       

 Nursery  2020-2021

 Dear Parents,

 Kindly note the following:

 Sr. No





New Academic Year begins



Orientation Programme: For both batches (Morning and Afternoon): 8:30 am in MPH



Last working Day for Summer Break



School Reopens


  • Thursday, 19th March, 2020 and Friday, 20th March, 2020 the timings will be as follows:
  • Morning Batch: 7:50 am to   9:00 am
  • Afternoon Batch: 11:20 am to 12:20 pm

      Parents are requested to accompany their child to school and should wait in the school for one hour on both the days.


  • From Monday, 23rd March, 2020 regular timings will be followed i.e.
  • Morning Batch: 7:50 am to   11:15 am
  • Afternoon Batch: 11:20 am to 2:35 pm


 Note: It is mandatory to submit all the books covered and labeled to the class teacher  on 19th March, 2020.  Books may be covered with double sheet of Newspaper and decorated. Kindly Reuse, Recycle, Conserve paper.

Sale of Text Books, Uniforms, and Shoes : Books, Uniforms and Shoes’ vendors will be available in the school on the following dates:

from Saturday, 7th March, 2020 and Saturday, 14th March, 2020

                         Timings: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Bus details: Available at the school premises on the days mentioned above.


Coordinator                                                                                                            Principal





Dear Parents,                                                                                                  


Please note the following


  • Children should carry a clean napkin, handkerchief, water bottle and a bag to school.


  • Children should be taught to say their own names as entered in the school register.


  • All the books and stationery should be neatly labeled with child’s name, class and division mentioned and submitted to the Class Teacher on 19th March, 2020.


  • No junk and gold jewelry such as long ear rings, bangles, rings etc. to be worn to school, in case they get lost, the school will not be responsible.


  • Children to come to school in proper uniform, girls to wear black colour cycling tights (shorter than the uniform) under the uniform to be worn every day to school.


  • Children should be toilet trained before they start attending school.


  • Girls with short hair to wear red hair bands and with long hair to make plaits with red ribbons


  • Please make sure that the child does not carry any toys, money, cell phones or any other precious item to school.


  • An extra set of clothes to be sent in a bag the very first day neatly put in a packet with the child’s name, class and section clearly mentioned. This set will be kept in the school.


  • Any child allergic to any food or otherwise any ailment of any nature to be mentioned in the diary clearly.


  • As regards the birthday celebrations, kindly refer to the school diary ‘General Discipline’.


  • All the books and stationery will be kept in school, the H.W. books will be sent home from time to time but please make sure that the books are brought to school on every Monday.


  • Diaries to be brought to school regularly without fail. Please check the diaries and sign if there is any information.





Morning Batch (7:50 am to 11:15 am)

Miss Kiaraa Bhalval

Miss Kuhenika Das

Miss Divisha Agarwal

Miss Sapnvi Heda

Miss Shreea Khaladkar

Miss Ananya Londhe

Miss Kavya Pathak

Miss Aarna Sachdev

Miss Mukta Tupe

Master Pradyumna Bornare

Master Daivik Agarwal

Master Rajveer Gaikwad

Master Aarush Jadhav

Master Preet Kanjariya

Master Om Kesarkar

Master Avyuh Likhar

Master Amogh Marathe

Master Aarav Mohite

Master Smit Patel

Master Arjun Pingale

Master Mihir Shevate

Master Shravan Swami

Master Kiaan Vadher





Morning Batch (7:50 am to 11:15 am)

Miss Raavi Bhapkar

Miss Abhidnyaa Ghule

Miss Priyal Jha

Miss Aahana Kholia

Miss Swara Malape

Miss Anvi Patni

Miss Saanvi Vamsi Krishna Pilla

Miss Kavya Shisat

Miss Arya Vhanmane

Master Lakshya Chhajlani

Master Vivaan Ganjewar

Master Anish Jadhav

Master Agastya Kamthe

Master Shreeyash Kapare

Master Aarav Lonkar

Master Swarang Marathe

Master Aarush Pathare

Master Rushank Prasangi

Master Vivaan Shinde

Master Tanmay Taware

Master Ayan Verma

Master Vishnu Giridharan




Morning Batch (7:50 am to 11:15 am)

Miss Nivanshi Agrawal

Miss Rudra Bhosale

Miss Shrinika Biswas

Miss Mihika Gokhale

Miss Aabha Joshi

Miss Avnee Kotkar

Miss Tanushka Phate

Miss Sharanya Shitole

Miss Swara Virole

Master Sparsh Bhagade

Master Vivaan Chopra

Master Shivansh Ghule

Master Devansh Jadhav

Master Rudransh Karande

Master Yuvan Khamkar

Master Rishan Madake

Master Abhiveer Mishra

Master Shlok Patil

Master Hardik Rathore

Master Vivaan Sidankar

Master Abhiraaj Tupe

Master Atharva Waghmare





Afternoon Batch (11:20 am to 2:35 pm)

Miss Savi Gulannavar

Miss Swarnika Kadam

Miss Riha Lalwani

Miss Meera Mashirkar

Miss Rithvika Raju

Miss Anaya Singh Tiwari

Miss Rajvi Wankhede

Master Anay Bhide

Master Aayansh Dash

Master Shivay Ghule

Master Aayush Hajare

Master Shaurya Jagtap

Master Kiyaan Karnawat

Master Ansh Khedkar

Master Shriyans Mahajan

Master Shivoham Mishra

Master Swarup Patil

Master Saurish Raut

Master Atiksh Singh

Master Arjun Tupe

Master Rohan Walture

Miss Ishwari Aru





Afternoon Batch (11:20 am to 2:35 pm)

Miss Jagvi Badgujar

Miss Anika Chavan

Miss Mishti Gundecha

Miss Myra Kakade

Miss Advitaa Lande

Miss Angel Massy

Miss Shrena Reddy Ramreddy

Miss Maahi Takalkar

Miss Ira Yadwad

Master Ronish Biradar

Master Siddhant Desai

Master Risheet Gokhale

Master Shivendra Kadam

Master Advik Kataria

Master Shreyansh Kshirsagar

Master Krutarth Mahandule

Master Shivansh Pawar

Master Ruchir Rokade

Master Ranveer Singh

Master Veer Tupe

Master Ayansh Wankhede




Afternoon Batch (11:20 am to 2:35 pm)

Miss Rhythm Bartere

Miss Mayra Dandgavhal

Miss Aanaya Gurnani

Miss Akshara Kapote

Miss Aadya Lokhande

Miss Anisha Nigade

Miss Veerangana Rukari

Miss Sarvadnya Tathe

Miss Anvi Yawalkar

Master Shiv Borate

Master Rajaditya Gaikwad

Master Jairaj Inamdar

Master Manas Kesare

Master Rudra Khaire

Master Aryan Kulthe

Master Abheer Malkane

Master Ayansh Nair

Master Atharv Phatangare

Master Medhansh Rode

Master Abeer Sharma

Master Saket Somalaraju

Master Vedant Usara