Global Activities
EUMIND - EUrope Meets INDia (Educational and ecological initiatives between Europe and India)

EUMIND is a platform for networking between schools in India and Europe. EUMIND schools run internet based e-Journal projects and organize international study visits of teachers, headmasters, principals and exchange of students.

The cooperation started in 2006. EUMIND was officially established in 2008 in Mumbai. The Eumind networking
started in Mumbai and Panchgani area with schools from the Netherland, Belgium, Italy and Finland.

Pawar Public School being the only school in Pune to undertake and sustain EUMIND project has conducted several exchange programs in these years.

Whether it’s a student project or an international exchange, EUMIND strives first and foremost for quality programming.

In addition, EUMIND seeks:

  • 1. to increase knowledge and respect for different cultural values and to discuss issues with tolerance
  • 2. to inculcate in students a caring mind and to promote social responsibility
  • 3. to develop students’ awareness of various environmental issues and to promote initiatives for a sustainable development
  • 4. to understand the complex issues of poverty and actively help those living in impoverished conditions

Projects at the school level are managed by the school coordinators. They discuss the project scenario, give feedback, link the project to the curriculum. Students are also trained on the usage of e-Journals (an easy publishing online tool) and VC (groups share experience through video conferencing methodology).
We have had exchange programmes with the following schools in the Netherland
1. Jan van Brabant College, Helmond.
2.Pius X College, Bladel.
We have been working on projects like Go Green, Poems and Theatre.