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We believe that education is a lifelong process of searching for knowledge and our aim is to instill in every child this quest for knowledge. Our aim is to teach, help the child question diligently and prepare him / her through creative problem solving and critical thinking assignments to seek the right answer! The ultimate aim of an integrated learning process is to uplift the word 'Educate' from the narrow confines of Languages, Mathematics, Sciences etc. and take it to a different level where it can define a way of life!
Global Activities
EUMIND is a platform for networking between schools in India and Europe. EUMIND schools run internet based eJournal projects and organize international...
For a 21st century student, hands-on science learning is a necessity and not an option.
We need to equip the next generation to keep up with the demands of our...
Sep 23 Hindi Poem Recitation
Sep 12 Badminton Tournament
Sep 09 Table Tennis Tournament
Sep 03 Kho-Kho Tournament
Aug 26 State Level Swimming Competition
Club Activities
The club activities are the most active and popular amongst students and they love to participate in these club activities.
These are...
The children at the Pre-Primary level are encouraged to ask
The Primary Section is the most significant of all
The Secondary Section of PPS aims to create enlightened, educated
Up Coming Events
Nov 21
Hindi / Marathi Spell Bee (Std. 2 - 5)
Nov 21
Fancy Dress (Std. 1)
Nov 22
Open Day Art Display (Std. 1 - 9)
Nov 24
English Book Review Week (Std. 5 - 9)
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Open Day Std I - IX

Open Day Std  I - IX