2. Summer Break Notice

Posted on 5/6/2020 at 4:00 PM



Ref: Sch/Academics/02/2020-21                                                                                        6th May, 2020


Dear Parents, 

 As we are at the pinnacle of our new endeavour in the field of teaching and learning, it gives me immense pleasure to share some of our experience with you.

This month was full of uncertainty and anxiety due to COVID -19. We did not know when will this Lockdown get over, will we be able to resume school etc.

The beginning of the new academic year has surely been one of the most unexpected one. We had to brainstorm and check all possible ways to ensure a minimum loss of our teaching time and utilize our days to come fruitfully. We tried various online platforms to run our classes but due to some constraint or the other we could not take them up. Time was running out of our hands so without any delay we decided to take our classes through zoom as a temporary solution.

You are already aware that we have sent worksheets, summer activities, project work, etc. for the students on the website. I am sure the students are referring to the same.

Our teachers have also taken efforts to prepare videos and they are uploaded on the YouTube for all classes. The Performing Arts Teachers, Counselors, too have uploaded their videos. Our endeavour has been to focus on academics with fun so that our students are connected to the learning, which can take place even in unusual situation. I hope you have received the links and gone through the videos. 

For reinforcement purpose and for the students who may have missed the classes, we have uploaded the Power Point Presentations of the topics taught in this month.

In spite of the teachers in different venues and cities, the On-line classes have been smooth with a regular time table. There were a few technical glitches, but they were not in our control. Parents, our teachers have shown their full dedication and have worked hard to make these online classes successful with the limited resources that they have at home. Teachers have welcomed every decision that the school has taken for the welfare of the students, they have worked way beyond the school working hours and on holidays. 

All my teachers are happy and satisfied that in this grave situation too they could see their students, speak to them and teach them. 

 We do not know what might be the situation in the month of June if the same conditions prevail we will have to carry on with virtual classes. We are exploring various options for our online teaching in order to get the best platform available for us, in case we need to carry on with our virtual classrooms. 

We have around 80% attendance during online classes it has been possible because of your support and cooperation dear parents and students. 

The school closes for summer vacation on 9th May, 2020. 

School reopens on 3rd June, 2020 for classes 6th to 10th

Primary classes will begin from 5th June, 2020.

Preprimary classes will begin from 8th June, 2020. 

Help your child to complete the assignments given by our teachers and are uploaded on the school's website. Needless to say, you will be surely giving valuable time to your child. Enhance the hobbies of your child. Help your young one to develop decent and polite social and communication skills. 

I am gratified with the positive response from all of you in this situation. A big thank you! 

Do take care all and have a safe vacation. 

Thank you,