We at PPSP value your association with us!
Welcome to the Alumni Association.
The Alma Mater has so many young budding global citizens, that it fills the school staff with pride.
We at PPS Pune would love to be connected with all the children who have walked through the portals of this wonderful institution and are now pursuing a variety of paths.
This platform is designed for the students who pass out of the Std X Board Examination of the school. It is to maintain and enhance connections, by contributing ideas, opinions and meeting at regular intervals to preserve lifelong friendships. It is a place where we can trace the fulfilling of dreams, goals and count feathers in the caps of the students. The alumni can contribute financially towards the vision and mission of the school for generations to come. Connecting with each other at School reunions and being connected with ideas that can promote a better nation, is the motive behind this endeavour.